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America's oldest basket company is a leader in mass merchandising

Basketville is an historic company as well as a leading-edge producer of handmade baskets for mass merchandising. Our history can be traced back to 1842 in Vermont.

Basketville is a strong national brand. Our main focus is on producing handmade baskets and other woven products for national and international retailers. Often our products appear under store brands.

We specialize in the important categories of home organization, laundry and storage.

Made in China and Vietnam

We manufacture throughout China and Vietnam to achieve competitive prices and take advantage of local materials and specialties.

Because of our long experience in basket making, we are expert at weaving with a variety of materials, and we know how to tie in with the latest decorating trends. We work with willow, seagrass, paper rope, maize, tropical beech, water hyacinth and rush.

Natural and fashion forward

Many weaving materials are natural and come from renewable resources. This can give you a marketing edge among the growing number of consumers with environmental concerns.

We also appeal to the consumer’s desire for handcrafted things. Our baskets are made entirely by hand following centuries-old methods. We offer the handcrafted look at mass market prices.

No worries from design to delivery to display

Basketville was a pioneer in manufacturing woven products offshore for the home accessories market. We have experienced people on the ground in China and Vietnam who understand how things work – and how to achieve a reliable outcome.

We take care of everything, from design and manufacture to supply chain management. We not only handle production but also packaging and POP materials.

Quality control is top priority at Basketville, as is on-time shipping.

Please contact us to discuss your mass-merchandising project.